First We Take a Portrait

Please bring an outfit with you that works into their room, your home, or their birthday party because you are going to want to display this one for years to come. I keep the backdrops to this one simple for year round use.

Then We Smash a Cake

My clients bring their cake and decor so every cake smash is unique. We design your babies "set" together so it is just how you imagined it. But sometimes, simple is best and less is more so the star of the show doesn't get lost in the mix (or distracted).

Next We Take a Bath

Why a bath? Believe it or not, not all babies like cake, but most like baths. And if they did like cake, they are going to need to get cleaned off. With this three in one session, we are bound to get smiles from one of their three set-ups all in an hour.

Buyer Beware

I will get a lot more than ten pictures in your gallery and they will all be of your adorable baby being the most ridiculously adorable thing you have ever seen in your whole life. Temptation to add more pictures will be strong. Blame your baby.