My Story.

I am Jenna. For most of my life I hid myself in the background. I have a speech impediment that I found hugely embarrassing. As I got older, I finally saw myself through the lens of those around me. I knew they saw my speech impediment, BUT it wasn't their focus. No, they also saw the girl that loved Dr. Pepper, her puppy, Jesus, and supporting the people she loves. Now they see the firefighter wife, the baseball mom, the eager designer, the loyal friend, and still a dedicated Dr. Pepper fan.

In my time getting comfortable behind the frame, I got really good at seeing the whole picture of people. Now, I get to show them there is more to them than the parts they see. They are uniquely beautiful. My clients generally become my friends, who become my family. I have spent the last 8 years being a part of their families. It is an amazing honor. So if you choose to join my little photography family, know I am grateful to you. I hope I get to meet you soon and I hope you bring me a Dr. Pepper.

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“There is an abundant need in this world for your exact Brand of Beautiful”