Photography by Jenna Wade There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand of beautiful
-Lysa Terkeurst


       Hey there!  Do you love my work yet? Then I hope you can love me too so let me tell you a little about myself.  The first thing you will notice about me when we meet is my unique laugh. Honestly, it is a speech impediment; one that mortified me for most of my life until I could finally accept it as part of the beauty of who God made me to be.  He gave me my very own Brand of Beautiful to offer the world.  Those of you that knew my photography as Jenna Wade Photography, it is still me here, but in removing my name I feel I get to better focus on getting to make this about you and finding your Brand of Beautiful.




          My brand includes my life as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and all of those things bless my world.  However, what I really want to use this tiny space to talk about is Dr. Pepper.  I love it. The best cake I ever had was made out of Dr. Pepper cans.  Love to my people for that.  I should also tell you that if I ever switch to in person sales, I would meet you at Barberitos because I basically live there or I could invite you over for sangria and guacamole.  What do you think?  You could check out my Joanna Gaines inspired lifestyle and make mental notes on how my house is in fact entirely gray and white; like a fixer upper episode stuck in Pleasantville. You might also see tags still on pillows because I have commitment issues or find my boots tucked into the corner ready to go with my camera for my next shoot because I have an irrational fear that slithery creatures are out to get me and only me.  Regardless, I hope we meet.  I hope we get to laugh together and you get to feel like you are the funniest, most cutest person alive (I physically can't stop so sure bet).  I hope I get to take your pictures, and I hope you bring me Dr. Pepper.  



                     ~Cross my heart, with Dr. Pepper on Top~ Jenna